Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a personal loan?

A personal loan is a financial loan for any purpose. A personal loan is given to any individual and not involving any group of parties, companies or organization by a trusted pinjaman peribadi Malaysia company

How does one qualify to apply for the personal loan?

s_dollarAbove 18 years of age
s_dollar Malaysian citizen
s_dollar Stable income
s_dollar On a payroll (Require Online Banking Transfer Facilities)

Does my application requires any deposits?

No, personal loans do not require any deposits whatsoever.

What is the maximum amount of the loan?

The approved amount shall depend on the repayment ability of the individual.

I am self-employed, how does able to help me?

You can apply for either a personal or a business loan. Our consultants will be there to assist you in getting a loan in the shortest time.

How much time is needed for a loan application?

Pre-application approval takes only 15 minutes. Upon completion of our application form at, the process will only take one working day.

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